While current regulations stipulate a requirement to record mobile phone calls for those operating within certain remits of financial services (specifically traders), MiFID II has introduced a wave of enhancements that have overhauled every facet of call recording; from the storage duration, to the use of recordings, through to enforcing call recording on organisations who previously were exempt.

Key changes to mobile voice recording under MiFID II:


MiFID II stipulates that calls must be recorded for anyone in the “advice chain” that could lead to a trade.


The retention period for call recording data is increasing from six months to a minimum of five years.


Demonstrate to regulators that recording data can be retrieved quickly and easily for a specific transaction or within a given time period.

Mobile Call Recording

If you’re reviewing mobile call recording in light of MiFID II, you need a proven solution that will meet regulatory guidelines, offer simplicity for users and compliance officers, and be as cost efficient and scalable as possible. You also need a vendor who can simplify the process of procurement, provisioning, billing and provide ongoing support for the solution, mobile devices and network airtime.

Partnering with Natterbox and EE, Adam Phones has been delivering secure, compliant mobile call recording solutions to FCA regulated companies for over five years. Our solution ensures calls are recorded at network level, with no mobile device applications required; this guarantees compatibility with any mobile device, with no change to user behaviour.

Mobile Call Recording

Key Features

Key Features

Key features

  • Fully compliant hosted solution
  • Calls recorded in-line, at network level
  • Compatible with any mobile device
  • Encrypted, cloud based solution
  • Geographically redundant storage
  • Multi-factor authentication access to recordings
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key benefits

  • No hardware to install and maintain
  • No mobile apps to install
  • No call degradation, delays or forwarding
  • No reliance on data usage to send recordings to a centralised system
  • No change to user experience
  • Single contract for airtime, licensing & devices
  • Single contact for provisioning, support & billing
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How MiFID II can better your business

MiFID II has kick-started the largest market reform in over a decade, overhauling nearly every aspect of trading. It enables stronger identification of market abuse, injects more transparency and reduces conflicts of interest. It also presents your business with an opportunity to develop.

Our Commercial Director, Lee Robertson, discusses how to evaluate mobile and fixed line call recording solutions, and how there is more to MiFID II than simply meeting compliance.




Mobile voice recording from Adam Phones delivers a complete toolkit for the compliance officer.

All calls are encrypted with a 256bit key unique to your organisation. The encrypted media is then sent for storage via dedicated links to dual, geographically separated data centres and replicated to multiple storage devices.

A secure online portal allows compliance officers to set recording, blocking and redirection policies, and provides nominated ‘data custodians’ with instant, audited access to call recordings.

To learn more, download our security overview

Compliance officer confidence

Data access

Restrict access to call recordings to defined IP addresses


Multi-factor authentication

Enforce multi-factor authentication to enhance security


Call recording playback

Download call recordings or enforce media streaming

Call recording

Inactivity timeout

Prevent accidental system exposure with inactivity timeouts



Our Credentials

For over 30 years, Adam Phones has been creating award-winning mobile and fixed line solutions for clients across the globe. We’re trusted by organisations that include international government agencies, alternative investment firms and FCA regulated insurance providers.

By uniting a diverse range of products and services under our umbrella, we completely remove the complexity of negotiating different supplier agreements and varying contractual terms – and the headache of account managers, support staff and billing from individual sources.

Our Credentials

It’s a recipe that works and it’s why Adam Phones supply telephony solutions to over 35 per cent of London’s alternative investment market. We understand what it takes to support the financial services industry, and we’ve won awards for doing it.

  • Contracting

  • Provisioning

  • Billing

  • Reporting

  • Mobile Tariffs

  • Devices

  • MVR Licences

  • Account Management

  • Technical Support

  • Deployment



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